3 Ways Japan Is Naturally Alt Right

Following the election of President Trump last November, the political and cultural climate of the United States shaped a new era in world history. With the astonishment of the voting cycle coming to a close, fervor opposition towards the current administration remains high. With social media booming with hashtags of #notmypresident and dozens of cultural icons explicitly denouncing the Commander-in-Chief, it’s as if Trump has little to no support from the American populace.

Reports of Trump in Japan

However, the alt-right emerged to the forefront, bringing attention to other issues involving American and global policy. Several ideas compose the relationship between the alt-right and Japan, encompassing a list of several components that contribute to the support of the Tokyo political spectrum.

1. Refugees in Japan

Citing controversial cases such as Germany or Sweden, adhering to refugee policies holds adverse consequences within the alt-right. Hence, when Japan accepted only a handful of refugees during the height of the Syrian crisis and beyond, ideologues commended the country for having stern resolve.

Some members of the alt-right openly expressed appreciation for Japanese immigration policy, stating that the state is merely protecting itself, while some made extreme claims that the country is trying to preserve its “purity” in the form of ethnocentrism. This idea coincides with the Abe administration and its connection with Nippon Kaigi, which seeks to maintain the sanctity of the Japanese state.

What’s certain is that if you’re a foreigner with a particular level of skill, finding work in the country is a matter of filling out some paperwork and getting sponsorship. Despite ramblings from critics, Japan isn’t as “exclusive” as they would have you believe.

Furthermore, although the country does not openly support alt-right rhetoric, is it not understandable why Tokyo would be rather stringent with refugee policies ...

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