DA Premiere: Cornucopia releases sought-after ‘Letter For Poly’ on Hoj & Lee Burridge’s new imprint, Tale + Tone

After building a legacy as a primary member and purveyor of the All Day I Dream sound, it’s time for Hoj to move onto the next chapter in his artistic career: launching his own label. His vision has now officially come to fruition under the name Tale + Tone, with the label debuting its 6-track Storybook EP as a vinyl only release on July 21.

The caliber of the music thus far indicates that Tale + Tone will soon be a revered institution. Take for instance its inaugural EP through digital platforms — Letter For Poly, by none other than the enigmatic Cornucopia.

It opens with a stunning title track that sees Cornucopia targeting bittersweet emotions with a metallic, yet full-bodied synth progression that stays in the mind long after the record reaches its end. Unfolding at a gradual pace, listeners are taken through ethereal soundscapes which bring almost nostalgic, longing imagery to mind. Its addictive and entrancing nature is precisely why a number of artists have rinsed it numerous times in their sets for well over a year now.

This emotive approach to track production is one that Cornucopia has demonstrated keen mastery over since the secretive artist began appearing on the progressive circuit with a debut self-titled EP and a hypnotic remix to Guy J’s piece “Temporary Sanity.” Furthermore, it makes Letter For Poly an ideal opener chapter for Tale + Tone’s story

Letter For Poly officially releases on August 4, with more EPs from Storybook artists to come.



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