Trump meets Molly: Ecstasy tablets bearing Trump’s face discovered on dark web

“We’re going to make some ecstasy, and the ravers are going to pay for it!”

It’s almost too bizarre to believe, but everything imaginable now has US President Donald Trump’s face on it, from candy bars to baby strollers, and now, ecstasy. Though its unlikely that anyone seeking euphoria through the illicit substance is thinking of Trump at the time, the makers of this product have nonetheless taken it upon themselves to press Trump’s face and name into their line of pills, currently for sale on the dark web.

Image via The Sun.

The manufacturers promise “Quality orange Donald Trump tablets. Very nice press, really detailed. Comes in the actual shape of the head of the President of the USA.” These orange and pink tablets contain approximately 220 mg of MDMA, a Schedule 1 drug notorious for its association with EDM and the electronic music environment.

The tablets are reportedly being sold for low prices as well. A tablet was marketed at roughly $10 USD, with the price decreasing steadily for bulk purchases. With the tablets being produced in Amsterdam, and being shipped to the US and across the world, it is of course unlikely that President Trump would approve of “foreign interference” in the American market.

Jokes aside, the 220 mg of MDMA which these pills are purported to contain is a high dose – one which is potentially dangerous for those who would consider taking the drug.

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Featured image via The Sun

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