Meet house music’s new sibling supergroup: Super Bash Bros

Supergroups are nothing new in house music, yet a foursome comprised of two separate brotherly duos may very well be a first.

Enter Super Bash Bros: the new sibling super squad comprised of Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Mikey Lion and Porkchop. The pairing unites two of dance music’s most cherished party crews, Dirtybird and Desert Hearts, under one official (yet not-so-serious) banner.

While the group performed their first gig together at Exchange LA back in August of 2016, they subsequently reunited for a headlining slot at Desert Hearts’ annual Spring festival in early April, marking the foursome’s biggest set to date.

The story of Super Bash Bros can be traced back nearly 10 years. As it happens, Justin Martin was the first artist Mikey Lion and crew ever booked for their party ‘Jungle’ — this was before the group had even adopted the ‘Desert Hearts’ moniker.

“Justin Martin was our favorite DJ,” Mikey Lion says, sandwiched between his brother and Lee Reynolds backstage at Desert Hearts. “Over the years, we became such good friends with him.”

Justin Martin, speaking on a Skype call from San Francisco, reiterated the sentiments. “Our sounds have always been very congruent,” he says. “We’ve become closer friends over the years. It just made sense for us to do something fun together.”

The genesis of the group was kickstarted when Justin Martin was tasked with curating Inception’s 4-year anniversary at Exchange LA. Selecting Mikey Lion, Porkchop, and his brother Christian to play, the night soon presented a golden opportunity.

“I was trying to figure out the best way to do set times,” Justin says. “The end of the night set time can be special or a total disaster. I thought, ‘we’ve got all the bros together, why not all jump back on together and make ...


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