HBO Drops First Trailer For ‘Tour de Pharmacy’ Mockumentary

HBO has released the first trailer for their upcoming sports special Tour de Pharmacy. The satirical mockumentary takes on the issue of illegal drug use in the professional cycling circuit, which saw many different racers disqualified for illegal substance abuse. The television movie will bring a wide array of stars to the network, with the likes of Andy Samberg, Dolph Lundgren, Orlando Bloom, John Cena and Mike Tyson all flexing their acting prowess. The trailer also features an appearance from former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, who experienced a dramatic fall from grace years ago when it was found he was guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs. The mockumentary will mark the second time Samberg has worked with HBO. In 2015, Samberg starred in the TV movie 7 Days in Hell, which showcased a fake tennis match that lasted seven days.

Be sure to check out the debut of Tour de Pharmacy, premiere on HBO on July 8.


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