J. Cole Speaks on Emotional Final Scene in ‘4 Your Eyez’ Documentary

While J. Cole was traveling around the country shooting the film, ‘4 Your Eyez Only,’ he stopped at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisana to speak with students and share an experience he had shooting a scene in the film.

If you’ve seen the documentary, you know of Cole World’s conversation with a female stranger who lost her son in accidental death. The woman’s story gave J. Cole an unexpected reaction, which he describes to students in the statement below:

“That’s already a tragedy I can’t relate to, and I’m looking at this lady, she strong, she beautiful, she glowing. Her spirit is bright, and she went through a tragedy like that? Okay, that’s amazing, first of all…She just said, “I feel like God sent me here for a purpose, everything happens fora reason, all I can do is move forward.” She just hit me with God right off the bat, and all of that to say God ended up putting me right here [Southern University], I didn’t know I was coming here today…I look at that as a blessing, and therefore I look at ya’ll as a blessing.”

Watch the video above of J. Cole opens up about his powerful encounter.

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