Barack Obama Adds Recording Studio to Presidential Library, Invites Chance The Rapper Over

Back in Chicago, former-President Barack Obama is currently developing a new Library on the Southside to cement his legacy. While building a living, working center for good citizenship, Obama reveals that the library will also feature a recording studio.

The Presidential Library will be a part of a new campus under development known as the Obama Presidential Center. A three-building campus in the heart of the Southside of Chicago. The place that Obama calls home as it was the first place he landed when he originally moved to Chicago.

According to a CNN report, Obama issued the following statement about the recording studio, saying:

“Can invite Chance [the Rapper] or Bruce Springsteen, depending on your taste, to come here and talk about how you can record music that has social commentary and meaning.”

An avid music listener, Obama has a variety of taste in music that has been featured in the past on streaming service playlists for Spotify that includes artists like Chance the Rapper, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, The Temptations, and Talib Kweli. Obama has also suggested interest in working for Spotify after two-term Presidency stint.

Along with a recording studio, the Obama Presidential Center will also feature a museum, auditorium, and a public garden.

Watch the first look at the upcoming Obama Presidential Center above.

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